As of version 1.7.10q, the Penguins mod adds two sets of armor: Penguin armor and Flame Penguin armor. There are also hats for each penguin, along with the Cloud Penguin Boots, bringing the total armor piece count to 22.

All regular penguin armor can be repaired with the same kind of skin it was crafted with. Flame Penguin armor is repaired with Flame Penguin Scales and Cloud Penguin armor is repaired with Cloud Penguin Down.

Penguin Armor

  • Penguin Hats
    • Emperor Penguin Hat
    • Little Blue Penguin Hat
    • King Penguin Hat
    • Yellow-Eyed Penguin Hat
    • Magellanic Penguin Hat
    • Adélie Penguin Hat
    • Galápagos Penguin Hat
    • White-Flippered Penguin Hat
    • Gentoo Penguin Hat
    • Chinstrap Penguin Hat
    • Humboldt Penguin Hat
    • African Penguin Hat
    • Macaroni Penguin Hat
    • Rockhopper Penguin Hat
  • Penguin Tunic
  • Penguin Pants
  • Penguin Flippers

Flame Penguin Armor

Cloud Penguin Armor