A neutral Flame Penguin.

Flame Penguins are the third mob to appear in Rancraft Penguins, introduced in version 1.1c. Along with Ninja Penguins, they are the most hostile of all species of penguins, but the most rewarding; their skin and scales can craft very powerful items.

Wild BehaviorEdit

Flame Penguins spawn in the Nether and are immune to lava or fire damage. They are slightly larger than Emperor Penguins. They are normally hostile and attack zombie pigmen as well as you. Their call lengths vary based on their health.

Penguin Disguise and Magma FishEdit

If you put on a full suit of penguin armor of any type before approaching a Flame Penguin, it will be neutral towards you. You can tell whether it is neutral or hostile by the color of its eyes; black is neutral, white is hostile. If you shear one while it is neutral, it will drop 0-2 Flame Penguin Scales, but it will also become angry. A neutral Flame Penguin will also become hostile if you hit it. If you try to put on a penguin disguise while nearby Flame Penguins are hostile, they will continue to attack you. If you are wearing a disguise but they are still angry, you can right-click it with Magma Fish until they are pacified, making them shear-able. A Flame Penguin emits smoke when you succeed in pacifying it.


Flame Penguins will drop 0-2 red Penguin Skins on death.

A flame penguin attacking a zombie pigman.

Version HistoryEdit

1.2d: Wing movements are now better, making them more like real penguins.

1.1c: Introduced.