Magellanic Penguins are one of the three species introduced in version 1.2.5e.


Magellanic Penguin

Wild behaviorEdit

In the wild, Magellanic Penguins behave like other mobs. They only spawn on islands or coasts. When attacked, all other Magellanic Penguins around will get mad and attack you. Their call lengths vary based on their health.


When right-clicking any Magellanic Penguin with a raw fish, there is a 1/3 chance it will be tamed, even if it is angry. Tamed penguins wear red bow ties. You can shear a tamed Magellanic Penguin by right-clicking it with shears in your hand. There is a 66% chance it will drop black striped or white Penguin Feathers, but a 33% chance it will become angry and attack; however, other penguins will not attack you in this situation. Note that tame penguins can be bred with wheat.


Magellanic Penguins will drop 0-2 black Penguin Skins on death.

Version HistoryEdit

1.2.5e: Introduced.