This is a list of some features we're planning to add to the Penguins mod. Note that all of this is subject to change and very well may not be added at all. This list does not include features that are already on the wiki but not yet posted.

  • Penguin Trampolines
  • Every type of penguin in real life (We still need Royal, Erect-Crested, Fiordland, and Snares)
  • Biome-specific penguins (f.e. Tropical Penguins, Desert Penguins)
  • Cloud Penguin Wings (increases general mobility in the air... doesn't make you fly, though)
  • Penguinite - used for fusing the best types of penguin armor (f.e. Flame Penguin Flippers and Cloud Penguin Boots) to combine their effects
  • Potato Penguins (Ocha)
  • Wither Penguins